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Powerful analytics

Unlock insights and make informed decisions
with our powerful analytics tools.

Easy stock management

Simplify your stock management effortlessly
with our user-friendly tools.

Connect with your customers

Connect with customers effortlessly through
tickets and linked social media for personalized

Speedy setup

Effortlessly set up your system with our speedy
solutions, while enjoying a streamlined experience
through our intuitive dashboard.

Security at the core

Experience top-tier security at the core of our
services. We uphold strong security standards to
ensure a protected and reliable experience.

Seamless Discord integration

Elevate your platform with seamless Discord
integration and OAuth login for efficient and
engaging user experiences.

Effortless storefront management

Take charge of your storefront with ease and customize every aspect.
Our user-first integrated dashboard empowers you to control your entire store
for maximum efficiency. Get started in under 5 minutes!

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Seamless first-party cryptocurrency integration

Experience frictionless and straightforward cryptocurrency integrations
without the need for third-party sign-ups on external providers.

Insightful customer analytics

Gain detailed insights into your customers, adapting to their preferences,
shopping behavior, and geolocation for a personalized shopping experience.

Stay informed on-the-go

Stay informed on the go with live notifications. Receive alerts about low stock,,
new support tickets, sales, and more on your digital device.

Create and manage
multiple stores

Expand sales outreach with ease by creating and managing multiple stores under your
account. Exclusive to Pro and above plans, this feature is crucial for reaching a
maximum number of customers.

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