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Report abuse

We take reports of abuse on our platform very seriously. Before reporting, please ensure that the affected store is violating our Acceptable use policy.

Making the report

Please write us an email at [email protected] ensuring that you follow the below guidelines:

  • A link to the offending product or store (preferably both, this can be on their seller page);
  • The specific actions the entity is performing that are against our Acceptable Use Policy;
  • If applicable, any evidence pertaining to the offending actions of the entity;
  • If this seller is a verified seller, please ensure that you include extensive evidence that supplies proof beyond reasonable doubt;
  • If the seller is committing a crime, please also forward the information to the relevant authorities;
  • We will not accept screenshots of social media messages on applications like Discord, Twitter, etc. as proof since they can be easily faked, if possible, attach a link to the offending post or message.

We may ignore your message if you do not follow those guidelines, we must enforce them so that the reports we receive are high quality and result in a positive outcome.